Roulette 666 Strategy

Our 666 strategy for Roulette is quite interesting and is actually very effective due to the fact that you get to place your bets on one huge range of no.s on a roulette table. Essentially with this strategy for Roulette, there are only 4 losing no.s for you. A roulette wheel contains thirty six no.s along with a zero sector that makes thirty seven slots in total. With the help of our 666 strategy for Roulette you require sixty six dollars for placing the bet in such a way so that it leaves only four losing no.s

Here is the process:

  • Place your bet for thirty six dollars on the Red.
  • Place your bet for four dollars amid the roulette no.s- zero and two, eight and eleven, ten and thirteen, seventeen and twenty, twenty six and twenty nine, twenty eight and thirty one ( you do not have to bet on no.s instead on border line between the provided no.s. This in turn makes it 24 dollars bet.
  • Place your bet of 2 dollars on three no.s of your choice. Also, you could choose 4 roulette no.s among the following no.s- four, six, fifteen, twenty two, twenty four, thirty three, thirty five. After you have selected your three no.s there'll be 4 no.s remaining that would be the losing no.s for you.

Additional steps

For instance, if any of those 4 no.s that you have not bet appears, in that case you would lose the bet. For all other cases, you would receive six dollars profit.

If you're aiming to turn this strategy for roulette even for gainful, you can of course double all your bets. For instance, you could bet 72 dollars on the RED, and place 8 dollars between the no.s & 4 dollars bet for three no.s at your choice, that eventually will make the total worth to 141 dollars.

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