Privacy and Legal

When it comes to communication recording, every call on the phone and communication online is recorded for security and training purposes. However, any personal information that is received from the registrant or account holder is only processed according to the registrant's rights and is only received for a lawful and specific purpose. All information is key safe and used for purposes of marketing online, based on opt-out principles.

Information Disclosure

Our Gambling Website is going to authorize and instruct the financial institution of credit wherein the account of the account holder is kept for information disclosure as requested in respect to the account by LGA.

Our Gambling Website can disclose any personal information if requested by governing authorities or under legal provisions found under law, as well. For control and fraud detection purposes, Our Gambling Website can also transfer this personal information to a third party, including partners and service providers.

Additionally, Our Gambling Website can disclose personal information to relevant receivers, if Our Gambling Website holds reason to suspect various irregularities involving accounts therein.

Other Materials

Our Gambling Website can process personal information for purposes of CRM, as well, and players can opt-out of receiving promotional and marketing material during registration and unsubscribe from them online.

The holder of the account can get access to his personal information anytime and can delete or fix any inappropriate or wrong information found therein.

Our Gambling Website uses components of Active X, as well as cookies for various purposes, such as identifying the preferred language of account holders, so it can automatically come up whenever the holder of the account visits Our Gambling Website; analyzing website traffic at Our Gambling Website, so that can suitable improvements can be made; and operating the games like flash casinos.

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