Playtech Casino Craps Strategy

So, you've learned the craps game basic rules, found out all the bets types and now you are thinking: how should I place them, in what order, how can I memorize all of them? If you'll learn the craps basic strategy, you can increase your playing odds and minimize the playtech casino advantage. Craps is probably the most advantageous game, except for blackjack, if you use the proper strategy.

Craps Tips

  • Learn the game basic rules perfectly
  • Try to understand all the bets and their order
  • Learn all the unfamiliar terminology
  • Train playing the game before starting your gambling activity in the playtech casino.

The Best Craps Stakes

The best and the most recommended craps stake combination is the "don't pass" plus "free odds" bet. You can decrease the house edge with these bets to 0, 01%. Using this strategy you can win a lot of money and save your bankroll.

The other craps bet with the high player advantage is the "pass line" one. Gamblers usually like to place their stakes for shooter because of the casino pressure and that's why they choose this bet type. It is recommended to gamblers to choose the online casinos for playing craps, as there is no peer pressure and you can make your own decisions.

After the appearance of the point number, the playing strategy changes a little. During the stakes second phase, players are allowed to place "odd bets" (you place this wager if you think that the point number will appear before 7 - the most probable outcome of the all possible). Usually gamblers forget about these bets, and it is recommended to do this, if they really want to win, but not just play for fun.

The Worst Craps Stakes

The worst craps stakes are considered to be the "propositional bets", as they bring the biggest casino advantage. Very bad stakes are:

  • Big six bet
  • Big eight bet.

They both increase the house edge to 9, 1% and are paid even money. Bu the worst of all the bad stakes are:

  • Hard 4 bet
  • Hard 10 bet.

If you want to get good craps game advice, stay away from them!

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