Roulette Martingale Strategy

Martingale system happens to be one of those very old progression type of betting systems. To get into its details, Martingale works by means of doubleups. The next bet of yours gets doubled the previous bet after each loss of yours. This doubling continues until you get a win. After each win of yours, you jump back to your original betting size.

Keep a note that Martingale system gets you profit inspite of it losing three out of four spins. That's the real power of a Martingale system, that it has altered the need for winning session right from winning in excess of 50 percent of the times to just avoding a big cold streak. In other words, you could easily defeat the house, irrespective of the fact that you are winning just 40 or even lesser 20 percent of the times, as long as the house does not get a long streak. As can be seen, this happens to be both the strength as well as weakness of Martingale systems.

How does it work?

For capitalizing on the Martingale system's success, you ought to attempt maximizing the no. of doubleups that you could sustain. More the doubleups that you could cover, longer would Martingale system work.

For doing it, you just need to always start the first bet on table minimum for it will give the biggest no. of doubleups even before hitting table limit. Then you simply need to ensure that you're bankrolled appropriately for Martingale system for which you will be needing minimum of twice the maximum of the table. Therefore, in case table maximum comes out to be 1000 dollars, the best bet is to keep 2000 dollars for fighting with.


Reverse-Martingale happens to be a kind of positive type of the systems discussed above, in which as you lose the next bet of yours is the minimum table and after you win you simply double the bet. The main difference in this system as you could see is; you double the bets after you get a win instead of when you lose.

The main idea is - the big bets of yours are earlier bets though in reality it carries same bankroll unpredictability like a regular martingale. Anti-Martingale or Reverse-Martingale also seeks a big bankroll because it could indeed be quite long before you get a good streak. Many a times you might have to wade through so many sessions even without winning a biggy.

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