Roulette James Bond Strategy

James Bond strategy of Roulette is not to be confused or mixed in any ways with Vodka martinis. It's got its name due to a close relation with one movie of James Bond. James Bond strategy of Roulette is taken from the Casino Royale in which the very popular super spy agent 007 shows his smart and bright & ever winning strategy in Roulette. This strategy deals with knowing which no.s to bet even before they show up. Sounds quite unbelievable & most probably very much impossible!!!

The reality

This is one of those stratgies that fall under completely improbable systems. In other words it is as fictional as the character of James Bond. It's always advised to avoid such system if you happen to see them in an advertisement. The basis for this fictional strategy revolves round a dozen bets that in the process of covering twelve no.s you will expect those to come in more regularly than other single no.s. Many a times James Bond strategy of Roulette is taken as a fraud. On internet, you will get numerous articles discussing about its legality and non legality.

Sometime back, a case was reported about some gamblers who were using high tech lasers to predict the position of the ball even before it stopped that was likely to lessen the house edge drastically. Because of their gadgetry involved and high tech looks, it was known as James Bond method or principle.

There's one more way for legally winning & that's to put in the wager as the ball lands in any of the no. wells. It's done by means of distracting Croupier & laying chips in the winning no., column or color.

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