Blackjack Intermediate Strategy

It goes without saying that knowing & understanding rules of any game is of great importance. Even before you have centred on any particular strategy what is of utmost importance is the fact that you must take the knowledge of those rules into consideration. It always helps to know the indepths of how a game works while you are working out on your strategies.

Therefore, aims & objectives along with other details about playing a blackjack game should always be first well learnt and understood considering the fact that you will be putting in a lot of money. Without having an informed knowledge about the game, playing will be like throwing away your hard earned money.

Intermediate Strategy for Blackjack

It is suggested to first of all learn the basic strategies of Blackjack before proceeding towards learning any intermediate strategies. Once you have played with the help of basic blackjack strategies, using constant practice you could successfully get to a stage from where you can progress towards intermediate blackjack strategies. Also, it needs to consider that your practice is one of the most important factors while learning Blackjack strategy. Afterall, it is the practice that makes a man perfect, in this case it is your game that approaches perfection.

Hi/Lo systems of Counting

Hi/Lo systems of Counting are considered a great method for rookies and beginners as well as intermediate players who are on the lookout for a good blackjack strategy. It's a simple system whose basis is the count of kind card so as to gather a rough idea about the probabilities related to the game of blackjack.

Counting in Hi / Lo

The numbers two, three, four, five and six are counted as plus one in any hi-lo count system. The no. 10, Ace along with the face cards are taken as minus one. As a player you will get to start the game of blackjack with zer count & then you count as per the cards which are being dealt.

You need to understand that, more the low cards are being used, more is the probability for you to win the game. To understand this in a better way, the low cards which are being dealt do leave an enhanced probability of high cards remaining in deck. Bigger odds for high cards which are yet to get dealt imply that there's a good chance that your dealer would go bust. Moreover, the chances are also there that the player gets high hands. Putting in use such systems, as a player you will then get to place bigger bets as per the odds of getting a high hand.

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