Roulette Fibonacci Strategy

Fibonacci roulette system employs a lot lighter progression in comparision to the Martingale system. In many cases, Fibonacci is about cutting the losses to least value instead of making an attempt to make profits on each and every bet you are playing, which is very much realistic and a lot more practical.

The theory of Fibonacci is; you just add the sums of the earlier 2 bets together. Assuming that you are starting with 1 chip, your progressions will look like:

The chart

Bet one - 1

Bet two - 1

Bet three - 2

Bet four - 3

Bet five - 5

Bet six - 8

Bet seven - 13

Bet eight - 21

The process

In case you happen to win for bet one, you're one in the profits. Similarly, if you happen to win bet two or three, you in that case break even. Remaining bets are devised simply for trying & lessening your own loss. Because, only time you could make profit with the help of Fibonacci system is in the 1st bet that I do not suggest using.

A few people have tried changing this system slightly so as to ending up in the profit all the time. Instead of quitting while you win, you just cross off last 2 bets owing to the fact that you got the win & move back 2 stages. It would lead to profit while you get to the beginning of the progression.

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