Blackjack Strategies Guide

There exists a great variety of different winning blackjack strategies. Most of them are based on probability theory, mathematical calculations and computer simulations. Many people argue about the effectiveness and validity of these strategies. According to the latest casino ratings, the most commonly used blackjack strategies are:

Usage of the blackjack strategies increases gamblers' odds, but still the casinos have the advantage over the players. In some cases gamblers can beat the casino, but they are required perfect gambling and card counting skills. One of the most significant problems of the gamblers they can't control their emotions and in this way they impersonate themselves.

Blackjack Popular Strategies

Double Down

Blackjack is a game of different odds. The players' are offered many options, and they should do everything possible to make profit from them and increase their winning chances. One of the advantageous options is Doubling Down. It is an excellent opportunity to decrease the house edge.

The Doubling Down action gives players the possibility to increase his/her initial wager, if he/she has good card combination. It is quite powerful tool in the blackjack game, but many gamblers don't use it, as they consider it to be too risky. Casino ratings of the human nature state that the gambler usually focuses on reducing of his/her lose and is opposed to maximizing of the wins. But this idea is mathematically incorrect, and that's why casinos usually get great advantage.

Doubling Down is the best opportunity for the player to increase his/her winning chances.


On the contrary to the previous one, this option it too often used by the players, although it is recommended to take the Surrender, if the gambler has the winning hand chance less than 25%. It is quite difficult for beginners to calculate this percentage, so they should be very careful with this option.


If you don't use the card counting strategy, this betting option isn't worth taking, as it brings great advantage to the casino. The gamblers' chances of winning the Insurance wager are 3:1.

Even Money

It is the same bet as the previous one, but offered to the player with the blackjack hand, when the dealer shows an Ace. This option is recommended to use in advanced blackjack strategy to increase the winning chances.

Splitting Pairs

It is considered to be the most profitable blackjack gamblers' option, which can improve their odds. The blackjack basic strategy recommends split 8's and Aces always to increase the winning chances.

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