Roulette Black and Red Strategy

What you need to do using Blackjack and Red strategy is to keep bets on red and black fields. Then you totally randomly choose any color and start placing the wagers on it. In the start, you place 1 dollar on any of the fields. If you turn out to be a winner, you start all over again and if you suppose lose it then you need to double the bets in the next rounds which is 2 dollars. If you again win, then same one dollar bet and likewise if you happen to lose again for the second time you have no choice but to double the bet. In this way, for losing, same color needs to appear for seven times. In other words, the odds are 1:128.

However, this particular strategy is being used by quite a few gamers & that is why the casinos could easily curb it. It's not at all unusual that same color is reappearing eleven times. Like mentioned earlier, the basis for my strategies lie in foreseeing the unlikely causes that may emerge & then you are good to go for placing the bets. My experiences say that, same color roughly comes for around twelve times in a row in many casinos with which I have played till date. Nevertheless, it never means that it won't appear; hence you ought to place the bets while you recognize it:

Keep in mind

  • Anticipate for the color that hasn't appeared five times in a row.
  • At 6th spin, keep a monetary wage on opposite color.

Thus, if black will not appear five times in a row, you keep a monetary on black field.

Though it might appear a bit unusual, as a player you will constantly be needed to put extra wagers as the casinos are more likely to punish the individuals that favor the common black/red tactics. So, it is quite normal for same color to reappear numerous times in a row.

Do not forget:

In the web based online casinos, outcome of a spin is governed by Random no. generator. Many methods are there to produce no.s, but no technique could generate completely random or 100 percent random result. This implies that you could win huge money while playing in one online casino & quite possibly lose a huge amount of money playing in another.

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